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Transition to 1st year 2019

We recognise the importance of ensuring that 1st Year students make a happy & successful transition from Primary School.

This includes the following:

1. The Principal visits Primary Schools to meet Principals & to get to know students & their needs

2. At the 1st Year Parents’ Evening, parents are given an opportunity to discuss areas of concern/students’ needs

3. Letters are sent to Primary School Principals requesting Primary School Report Cards

4. The Guidance Counsellor/Learning Support organize Entrance Assessments to identify individual students' needs

5. The 1st Year Parents Information Evening takes place

6. On their 1st day students are met by Tutor/Year Head/Guidance Counsellor/ Prefects/Principal and Deputy

7. Class groupings are organized so as to ensure the following:

  1. Each students has a friend or another student from same Primary School in class (where possible)
  2. Mixed grouping as distinct from streaming

8. A Homework Plan is given to students and teachers to make 1st Year homework manageable

9. Guidance counsellors meet those who are finding it difficult to settle in and work with individuals to help them settle

10. SPHE lessons include modules on making friends

11. The Learning Support teacher informs teachers of students SEN & EAL needs

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