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Our Student Council

The Blessington Community College Student Council plays a crucial role in being the voice and representatives of the student body. The committee comprises of two students from each year group giving a total of 12 students representing 6-year groups from across the Junior & Senior Cycles, including Transition Years. Two teacher representatives also form part of the Council as Coordinators.

Aim of the Student Council
The aim of the council is to be a voice for the students, raising any issues worth noting to the school management, listening to the needs of their peers in a clear cut and comprehensive manner.

The Student Council has responsibility for:

  • Working with the staff, Board of Management and Parents Association in the school;
  • Communicating and consulting with all of the students in the school; – Involving as many students as possible in the activities of the Council;
  • Planning and managing the Council’s programme of activities for the year;
  • Managing and accounting to the student council and Board of Management, for any funds raised by the Council.

Student Council Structure
The student council members are elected at the beginning of the new school year and are elected to the council by their classmates in their year groups by majority vote.

The council has 3 primary roles. These roles are:

  • Student Council President (formerly known as “chairperson”),
  • Vice President (formerly “Vice Chairperson”),
  • Secretary

The President along with his/her deputy are responsible for leading the council, chairing meetings, establishing topics for further discussion in the council and to communicate any ideas from the council to the Schools Board of Management and Management Committees.

(Details of our 2019/20 Student Council will be made available here after elections have been completed.)

*Please observe our Student Council notice board for updates through the year. *

For any further queries to do with the council, do not hesitate to contact the student council members or the Student Council Coordinators, Mr O’Neill or Ms. Fleming.

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