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A message from the student support team


We hope that you are all well, safe and as relaxed as can be under the circumstances. While we have to be apart for the foreseeable future, we are with you from a distance. The characteristic of Blessington CC of which we are most proud, is the way we mind each other. That has never been more important than it is now. In order to take care of each other and the vulnerable in our community, we must observe the advice of the Public Health Officials. This is new to all of us and we are finding our way together. We can all only do our best on any given day and we must be patient with each other.

Fear, while a legitimate feeling right now, can become a dangerous virus and spreads almost as quickly as Covid-19. However, while we are a while away from a cure for the Coronavirus, we can cure fear. We can be kind to ourselves and others. We can source our information from reputable and verifiable news sources. We can resist spreading misinformation and can call out our friends and family if we see them do it.

We do not know exactly what lies ahead of us. But we know that we are in it together, even if we must be apart. We will get through this with calm heads and plenty of grace.

BCC Student Support Team (Mr Burke, Mr Kelly, Ms Kavanagh, Ms Lillis, Ms Tyrrell)

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